With commented.co you can comment every website on the internet. Our vision was to create a layer above websites, where users can share their opinions and comments about the content. It is simple: enter a URL in the field below, to see the existing comments and comment for yourself, using your facebook.
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Because you will find a little button in your browser, which gives you the possibility to comment on every website simply by visiting it.
When you go to whatever url, simply press the button to open commented.co and comment right away!
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The idea of commented.co is simple:
Providing a possibility to talk about, comment and discuss every website there is. There are many websites where it can be important and interesting to read the opinions of others. With commented.co you have the possibility. Just enter the URL in the field above or even easier: activate the commented.co extension
Frequently asked questions

How does commented.co work ?
Enter a url (type or copy and paste) into the URL-field and press comment!

Why should I use the extension / browser extension ?
It makes commenting easier. To leave a comment you only have to press one button in your browser and can get started. Just visit a webpage and click the potten

Does commented.co cost anything?
No. For a platform where everyone can freely exchange, it is important that it is free of charge .

How is the project financed ?
Through advertising revenue, in the form of banners.

Does commented.co use my data?
Not at all. No registration is required. The identity while commenting , is that of the users Facebook profile. Anonymous data is collected, as is the case on most websites . This concerns, for example, the version of their browser for statistical analysis . More details can be found in the imprint.

I am a websites owner . Can I install the comments on my site directly ?
You can ! To do this, the following code in your web page and the comment box will appear for You: COMING SOON


You can specify how large, broad and color should be the comment box .

I am website owner and do not want commented.co commenting on my website / I am dissatisfied with a comment to one of my sites
Unfortunately we can not delete comments for websites or prevent or exclude comments . The contents are in facebook.com , which are the actual providers of the functionality of commenting .

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